Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dompet Dhuafa

Dompet Dhuafa Foundation which is initially founded by Republika Daily under all indonesia muslim intellectuals (ICMI) now has an independent office and more professional management.

It offers scholarship for those students in dire need. If you are one of those students, fill up this form to apply for financial assistance.

For those of you who have intention to help others, this foundation can be your right place to extend your helping hand. indeed, dompet dhuafa got the funds from the rich muslims who wanna pay their zakat (obligatory alms), or to help others out of their good fortune by paying sedekah (highly recommended alms).

Besides giving scholarship to any indonesian students in need, the foundation also give help to some very poor people. to know more about it, just visit its official website in Bahasa Indonesia or in English.


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